Year-End Energy Saving Tips

Avoid wasting energy this holiday season and into the New Year with Legend Power Systems’ year-end tips. The holiday season is a time of spending. There’s the spending of money, the spending of time, and the spending of something not quite as obvious, electricity. As it is often tradition for power-consuming decorations to adorn our homes and offices, and for many events and … Read More

VIDEO: Waste to Energy

Take a look at today’s feature video to learn more about the power potential of garbage!

China to Cap Coal Consumption by 2020

Big environmental and climate goals for China to take place over the next 5 to 15 years. China to limit coal consumption by 2020 and cap CO2 emissions by 2030. Last month, China announced for the first time that by 2030 the country will have put a cap on carbon dioxide emissions as part of the US-China Joint Announcement on Climate … Read More

The Future of the Power Grid

Discover exciting new ways to think about the power grid and how they may affect the way that the world generates and consumes energy. On Monday we shared an infographic that explained the life cycle of the power grid. Details concerning how electricity is currently generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed were all covered, as well the evolution of the grid … Read More

Understanding the Power Grid [Infographic]

Discover the source of the power that operates our every day lives, how it gets to us, and innovative ideas that are on the horizon for the grid itself. With the majority of North Americans relying on some form of power to go about their every day lives, it’s no surprise that many of us take electricity and the energy … Read More

Vampire Power

Be aware of vampire power! Unplug your electronics and prevent them from sucking your home’s energy and wasting your money. This Halloween (and throughout the rest of the year!) be aware of the electronics that are unnecessarily sucking your home’s energy and costing you money. Many appliances and electronics in our homes are wasting electricity. When plugged into an outlet, many … Read More