Study Finds Untapped Potential in Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

A recent study by Pike Research ,”Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial and Public Buildings,” finds that there are untapped opportunities in energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings in the US. According to an article in GreenerBuildings that refers to the study, Owners of commercial buildings in the U.S. could save more than $41 billion a year in energy costs, if … Read More

Energy Conservation Through Conservation Voltage Regulation

Conservation Voltage Regulation (CVR) is an energy conservation technique that regulates the incoming voltage to buildings. To compensation for line loss along the power grid, buildings at the beginning of the grid receive voltage at higher levels than others. This leads to energy waste, higher energy bills and unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions. Over $1 billion is wasted per year by … Read More

2010 CleanTech Investment Trends

Last month CleanTech released it’s CleanTech Investment Monitor 1Q 2010 Report. CleanTech’s Investment Monitor is a  quarterly report on cleantech investment trends. Last month’s report highlights the growth of cleantech markets, particularly in energy efficiency. Some of the report’s key findings: “VC funding continues to bounce back led by North America.” Global cleantech venture investment for the first quarter of … Read More

AltEnergy eMagazine: Honda Canada Reduces Power Costs by 6% Using Harmonizer Automatic Voltage Regulator

Legend Power is featured in Alternative Energy eMagazine’s June/July 2010 issue. The article profiles our case study of how we helped Honda Canada save 6% of their power costs: In 2007, Legend Power completed a beta installation of a 500 amp Electrical Harmonizer-AVR to help reduce Honda Canada’s electrical energy consumption.  After completing the installation, initial measurement and verification found … Read More

LEED Certification Process & How Legend’s Smart Transformer Earns You LEED Points

Now when you install Legend Power’s smart transformer, the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, in your building it will contribute up to 5 points to your LEED certification. Kyle Anders, a Sustainable Design Specialist, states: 5 points is a very noteworthy contribution in my experience, it is rare that a single product/technology can have this high of an impact.  I don’t have experience … Read More

Utilities’ Role in Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption

Commercial energy efficiency measures generally gain wide-spread adoption through utilities — either with their use of the technology or with their approval. But how do utilities filter through all of the products and options available to decide on what energy efficiency measures to support? What do utility managers want to see when they’re considering new technologies? In our experience at … Read More

Legend Power Builds Sales Momentum For Its Smart Grid Technology

Note: This article was originally published in Green Technology Report. By Jonathan T. Orr | Full Article Friday, May 14,  2010 When Green Technology Report last talked to Gerry Gill CEO of Legend Power (TSX.V: LPS, FSE: XLE) he spoke confidently not only of the good their proprietary smart grid technology can do for the environment by enabling commercial … Read More

Spending to Save: Energy Efficiency Incentives and Payback

Suppose your CEO calls tomorrow and asks, “What are we doing about power consumption?” What will you say? Reducing consumption by turning off computer monitors and equipment requires lifestyle changes to be adopted through the entire organization. These are easy choices to make but they are hard to implement and substantial return on investment is not assured. Proven, existing efficiency … Read More