The Big Pivot and the Future of Sustainable Business

For the sake of our environment and future economy, a shift in how companies do business must be made. Evermore at the forefront of business practices since last year’s COP21, is the topic of a company’s sustainability strategies. It is becoming more and more understood that in order to survive and thrive in our world’s future economy, businesses and their leaders must become … Read More

Why Coal Companies Are Collapsing

What’s up with the coal industry?
Not much! Read on for a podcast that takes a look at the “spectacular collapse of the coal industry…”

We Mean Business

The good, green business sense of coalition, We Mean Business. At Legend, environmental initiatives always make us feel positive in regards to the future wellbeing of our planet. Specifically, the coming together of large, successful companies in an endeavour to help protect the environmental health of our planet is something we wish to applaud. The efforts of organization, We Mean Business, is no exception. … Read More


An initiative from The Climate Group supports corporations as they commit to becoming 100% renewable. In the past, we’ve discussed the important steps large corporations have taken towards becoming 100% sustainable companies. Examples, such as Starbucks’ commitment to ethically sourcing 100% of their coffee and Apple’s Environmental Responsibility Report, have demonstrated that environmental awareness and a commitment to sustainability and renewable business … Read More

Ontario Cap and Trade Agreement

Ontario to enter into a cap and trade system with Quebec to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It was announced last week that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne would be signing an agreement with Quebec to join the latter province in the cap and trade system. Wynne’s intention is to reduce emissions that lead to climate change, subsequently creating a brighter future for the next generation. The … Read More

Electricity Rates Continue to Rise in Ontario

Let Legend Power help you and your building combat the rising electricity rates in Ontario. Over the past several years, electricity rates in Ontario have risen an alarming amount. At the end of 2013 it was noted that rates were to continue to rise 33% over the next three years and 42%, in home power bills, by 2018 due to the Liberal party’s … Read More