New Smart Transformer Helps Commercial Buildings Cut Energy Use

(Burnaby, British Columbia) April 7, 2010 — With a decade of research and development, Legend Power’s new smart transformer helps commercial buildings, big box retailers and other large facilities save 5-7% in electricity bills, energy consumption (kWh) and peak demand (kW). This smart grid device, called the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, is a high efficiency auto-transformer with an electronic tap changer that … Read More

The Sustainable Office Toolkit

I came across the Sustainable Office Toolkit today. It’s an excellent resource for offices who want to go green but need some direction. From their website: The Sustainable Office Toolkit is a set of resources and tools developed by the Sustainability Division to help offices of all types and size move toward sustainability through practices such as recycling, energy and … Read More

Commercial Power Conservation Webinar Panelists

As mentioned last week, Legend Power is holding its second webinar this Thursday January 28th on Strategic Approaches to Electrical Energy Conservation (you can register here). The webinar will feature a panel discussion and inustry leaders who specialize in Commercial Electricity Conservation will share their insights into energy conservation planning. Here’s an introduction to our panelists: David Helliwell, CEO, Pulse … Read More

Are You Being Billed for Unnecessary Energy?

As facility managers and electrical engineers in commercial and industrial facilities, we are often asked to consider power conservation. We are used to thinking of this issue in terms of lights, air conditioning motors, industrial motors and other devices that consume electricity running at 120 volts (or a multiple of that). However, all of these devices are built to withstand … Read More