A New Year with Legend Power

As the end of the year and the fourth quarter of 2014 draws to a close, give yourself a savings jumpstart for 2015 with Legend Power!

Study Finds Untapped Potential in Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

A recent study by Pike Research ,”Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial and Public Buildings,” finds that there are untapped opportunities in energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings in the US. According to an article in GreenerBuildings that refers to the study, Owners of commercial buildings in the U.S. could save more than $41 billion a year in energy costs, if … Read More

BC’s Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement

A couple of weeks ago we looked at BOMA Toronto’s Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program and the incentive funding available through BOMA for the Toronto area. This week, we’ll look at incentive funding in British Columbia through the Public Sector Energy Conservation Agreement (PSECA). PSECA is a project between BC Hydro and the Province to fund public sector building … Read More

Spending to Save: Energy Efficiency Incentives and Payback

Suppose your CEO calls tomorrow and asks, “What are we doing about power consumption?” What will you say? Reducing consumption by turning off computer monitors and equipment requires lifestyle changes to be adopted through the entire organization. These are easy choices to make but they are hard to implement and substantial return on investment is not assured. Proven, existing efficiency … Read More

Legend Power on Business News Network: Helping Big Box Retailers Go Green

Legend Power’s CEO Gerry Gill was on the Business News Network today explaining how Legend Power’s electronic tap changer is an integral part of the smart grid system and that even buildings that have the latest high-efficiency light bulbs and equipment can still save on energy consumption. Watch the video clip.

Victoria Kamsler from Greenfiniti On Monetizing Your Carbon Assets

Victoria Kamsler from Greenfiniti speaks on how you can access additional ROI by monetizing your carbon assets and create revenue streams through your commercial energy conservation efforts. She notes that energy efficiency is one of the top three sectors for quick and easy carbon reductions.

Ask an Engineer: Keara

Ask an Engineer is a new series in our blog that provides a behind-the-scenes look at Legend Power and the people behind our technology. Today’s engineer is Keara. Name: Keara Marshall Length of Time with Legend: 1 month (started in Jan.) Job Title: R&D Engineering Assistant Erik: What’s one thing you’d like to change about Legend Power? Keara: So far … Read More