5 Myths of Climate Change

Green.TV’s video debunks dangerous climate change myths. Although the majority of scientists – 97%, according to the below video – agree that climate change is real and occurring due to human behaviour, there are still those who believe that it isn’t happening. Perpetuating the doubt surrounding climate change are several inaccuracies and non-truths. However, these “facts” are often cited out of context … Read More

The World’s Climate Pledges

Countries around the world pledge their climate action commitments in anticipation of COP21. With just one week to go until the start of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), a majority of the world’s nations have already submitted their pledges for Paris. Throughout 2015, in the lead up to the conference, countries around the globe have been submitting their pledges … Read More

Climate Business at IFC

Discover the positive impact that the private sector can have on climate. It’s no secret that the capital and financial support provided by the private sector has a monumental impact on climate change efforts and initiatives. More investment in climate action means more tools and resources are available to help fight climate change. The funding and investments supplied by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) … Read More

Businesses and Climate Week 2015

That’s a wrap for Climate Week 2015 and it seems that businesses are the new climate activists! This is a very good thing. There must have been something in the New York air this year during Climate Week as businesses have stepped up their commitments to sustainable action. Hundreds of corporate executives, government diplomats and activists came together this September … Read More

Climate Week NYC 2015

Monday, September 21st, Climate Week NYC 2015 arrives in New York City. The seventh annual Climate Week NYC will be taking place between September 21st and 28th, providing the opportunity to attend a diverse array of events hosted by governments, organizations, companies and universities. Each year The Climate Group hosts Climate Week NYC, organizing events that deal with climate action … Read More

Business Leadership on Climate Action

Bring the sustainable drive to world markets and the business level! Making changes at home is a great way to start combatting the attitudes and habits that have spurred on climate change. However, taking the battle against climate change to the next level is a critical step. We’re talking about inspiring business leaders and political leaders to take a step … Read More

Climate Week Paris 2015

The Climate Group will host Climate Week Paris 2015 between May 18th and 24th. In anticipation of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, otherwise known as the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties or COP21, The Climate Group will be hosting Climate Week Paris 2015 next week, from May 18th to May 24th. Previously, Climate Week has always been … Read More

China to Cap Coal Consumption by 2020

Big environmental and climate goals for China to take place over the next 5 to 15 years. China to limit coal consumption by 2020 and cap CO2 emissions by 2030. Last month, China announced for the first time that by 2030 the country will have put a cap on carbon dioxide emissions as part of the US-China Joint Announcement on Climate … Read More