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The Big Pivot and the Future of Sustainable Business

For the sake of our environment and future economy, a shift in how companies do business must be made. Evermore at the forefront of business practices since last year’s COP21, is the topic of a company’s sustainability strategies. It is becoming more and more understood that in order to survive and thrive in our world’s future economy, businesses and their leaders must become … Read More

Sustainability and the Year Ahead

Welcome to 2016: A year in which sustainability initiatives go hand in hand with our business strategies. 2015 saw great progress in terms of the environment and global sustainability efforts, especially in terms of the business world. RE100 acquired numerous new members, many of whom are internationally recognized brands. Then, just last month, great steps were taken at COP21, leading to … Read More

GreenHab the Office

Cut the carbon footprint of your office with Legend Power and these tips!


The 21st Conference of the Parties is coming to Paris, November 30th. In just a few short weeks, the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will convene in Paris, France. COP21, which is also known as the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, will be taking place this year between November 30th … Read More

Climate Business at IFC

Discover the positive impact that the private sector can have on climate. It’s no secret that the capital and financial support provided by the private sector has a monumental impact on climate change efforts and initiatives. More investment in climate action means more tools and resources are available to help fight climate change. The funding and investments supplied by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) … Read More

Recycling E-Waste

Sustainable solutions for your old electronics! With so many new models and fresh gadgets available on the market everyday, the amount of e-waste has grown to staggering amounts worldwide. It is one of the fastest growing streams of waste, according to a UN report. An average household can easily contain several phones (new and perhaps old models sitting in drawers), … Read More