SmartGATE™ is the breakthrough solution to power quality issues

Informed by SmartGATE Insights™, the SmartGATE platform analyzes the voltage coming into your building, identifying and correcting or mitigating common building power quality challenges. Most importantly, only Legend does it in a compact footprint that fits in your electrical room, and at a much lower cost. And, because of the sophisticated technology involved, unlike large-scale systems that consume as much as 5% more power while they assess, SmartGATE saves that much (or more) while fixing the most important elements of power quality.


What causes grid volatility?

It’s practically impossible for your Utility to supply exactly the right amount of voltage and optimal power quality to your building. They have to manage renewable sources like wind and solar, constantly fluctuating user demand and natural dissipation over distance due to line loss. All of this results in Utilities around the world supplying more voltage and poorer power quality than they'd like to their customers.

Line Loss
Variable Demand
Aging Grid

How does SmartGATE™ help?

Reduce Energy Expense
Less Wear on Equipment
Lower Environmental Impact
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Designed as an enterprise solution, the SmartGATE™ platform addresses the additional major building challenges caused by poor power quality. The enhanced SmartGATE platform transforms commercial building power management by providing a single, affordable platform that analyzes the voltage coming into a building, then identifies and corrects or mitigates the common building power quality challenges found.

Legend’s breakthrough technology is the only comprehensive solution with a compact enough footprint to fit typical commercial electrical rooms, and at a much lower cost than industrial systems. And, because of the sophisticated technology involved, (unlike large-scale systems that consume as much as 5% more power while they assess), SmartGATE saves that much, or more, while fixing the most important elements of power quality.

Your building will use less power resulting in reduced energy costs and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Your electrical equipment will be hit with less voltage maximizing its useful life and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

Every building with a SmartGATE™ saves money on power

Est. System Life
Who Save

A modular experience that starts with SmartGATE Insights™


SmartGATE™ is a modular system that can incorporate multiple energy efficiency and power quality technologies. The platform leads with industry-grade SmartGATE Insights™ metering and analytics that analyzes up to 200 power quality parameters, so the system knows exactly what to correct. SmartGATE’s combined proprietary intelligence and control technology then manages the actual power corrections in real-time via electronic switching and an extremely efficient auto-transformer.



Turning energy data... into business insight (and results)


Whether you’re in the electrical room, or the C-Suite, the SmartGATE™platform has you covered. SmartGATE Insights™ energy data and system performance are available online via a password protected web portal or downloadable CSV. Importantly, the data is structured in business metrics that arm your organization with the decision-making insight you need to see and manage the risk and waste created by poor power quality.


Support materials


Rebates & Funding


Utilities know the issues and often participate as part of the solution by subsidising SmartGATE implementations. Our team will take the lead on your subsidy application to help ensure you receive maximum contribution.


We install the SmartGATE Insights™ across your building portfolio and start receiving the data. After 2 - 4 weeks of operation, we show you the scope of risk and loss across the organization, and based on recommendations, work with you to develop your prioritized deployment schedule for SmartGATE’s for each building. Based on our experience, we determine and recommend the optimal sequence and design to fix the problems found, and maximize the impact for your organization.


We provide a total package price for hardware and installation, (subject to the specifics of your electrical room), along with maintenance and warranty plans to keep your SmartGATE up to date. A final proposal is presented for approval.


Upon approval, our Project Management Team will work with you to select install dates across your portfolio. The systems are installed and performance is measured and verified.


Current Range (A):

600 - 4000

Power Range (kVA):

500 - 4152

Max. System Voltage (V):

208, 400, 600 3P

Frequency (Hz):


Voltage Adjustment Range:




Integrated Energy Meter:

Revenue grade ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 & IEC 62053-22 class 0.2s


Ethernet or cellular LTE available

Online Interface:

Available Legend Voltage Management Dashboard

Ambient Temperature:

0°C to 40°C - relative humidity 0-90%


UL 508-C  pending

Width - mm [in]:

813 [32] - 1000 [39]

Depth - mm [in]:

660 [26] - 800 [31]

Height - mm [in]:

1829 [72] - 2000 [79]


NOTE: Dimensions vary and are subject to change.