Legend Power Fields Eastern Regional Sales Organization

BURNABY, BC, Nov. 5 /CNW/ — Legend Power Systems Inc. (TSX.V: LPS) (“Legend Power”) is pleased to announce the launch of its Eastern Regional sales team that includes the hiring of several sales executives that will focus on the specific market verticals, like big box retailers, grocery chains, institutional buildings, and office towers. Legend Power is also pleased to announce that it has formalized agreements with three channel partners that provide a large base of existing clients in the ideal target market for Legend Power.

“Our recent successful financing has allowed Legend Power to move from Research and Development and accommodate the demand for our products,” said Gerry Gill, Legend Power Systems’ Chairman & CEO. “I am encouraged by the quick traction that we are receiving within a wide spectrum of industries in the Ontario region. Power conservation is becoming a buzz word and Legend Power is synonymous with meaningful and effective power conservation. Our technology is one of few that does not require any lifestyle change in order to conserve power, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the efficiency of a power grid.”

About Legend Power Systems Inc.

Legend Power Systems Inc. (www.legendpower.com) is a leading electrical energy conservation company that manufactures and markets a patented device to help commercial and industrial customers achieve significant energy savings through voltage optimization. Legend Power’s Electrical Harmonizer-AVR helps companies reduce their electricity bills, maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing the life of electrical equipment. View “Legend Power Corporate Video” on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcBFsXZTA.

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