Green Building Trends for 2010

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Energy efficiency may have been the green buzz word for 2009, but 2010, according to analysts, is the year for action.

“What we’re seeing is that more people are going green each year, and there is nothing on the horizon that will stop this trend,” explains Jerry Yudelson, the principal of Tucson-based green building consulting company, Yudelson Associates.

In the move towards more sustainable building, the option that makes the most sense is energy efficiency. As Nathan Rothman of Greener points out:

The concept of energy efficiency stands apart from other cleantech and green building initiatives in a very important way: It’s relatively cheap. If you think about it, the cleanest and cheapest kilowatt of energy is the one never used. So even if there is an upfront cost to put efficiency measures into place, the return is never-ending. That means within a few months or years, you’re putting money back into your pocket. That’s a form of green we can all agree on.

The experts seem to agree, too. Energy efficiency is a top trend for green building predictions for 2010. Here’s a collection of trends from the experts.

Green Building Trends for 2010

  1. Green building will focus on greening existing buildings rather than new buildings. As’s Justin Moresco points out in his post Green Building Trends to Watch in 2010, McGraw-Hill Construction published a report that said nonresidential “green building retrofits” are a better opportunity for designers and builders than new construction.
  2. Local government will develop and increase their mandates for green buildings. Last week, the governer of Washington announced follow up steps to Copenhagen, including $5 million in Recovery Act grants to help businesses, non-profit groups and government agencies pay for energy efficiency retrofits.
  3. The green building movement will go global and more countries will create their own green building incentives. Green building has already become trendy in China, where they are adopting green building standards from the US. And India has just organized its First National Conference on Green Building.
  4. The financial community will buy-in to green building.
  5. Energy labeling and carbon calculation will become more popular. The industry is exploring ways to document, measure, and reduce greenhouses gas creation in building materials and processes. This effort will be heightened once a federal cap-and-trade mechanism is launched in the US.
  6. Sustainable building education will increase. Demand for green building will present new learning opportunities for the entire building industry – designers, builders, real estate, finance, insurance.

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