We Mean Business

The good, green business sense of coalition, We Mean Business.

At Legend, environmental initiatives always make us feel positive in regards to the future wellbeing of our planet. Specifically, the coming together of large, successful companies in an endeavour to help protect the environmental health of our planet is something we wish to applaud. The efforts of organization, We Mean Business, is no exception.

A coalition of organizations, companies and investors that have joined forces, We Mean Business promotes the economic opportunity offered by climate change, while simultaneously warning of the risks our planet runs if change isn’t embraced by businesses the world over. Learn more about this inspiring initiative in the video below or by visiting www.wemeanbusinesscoalition.org.

Without embracing the change required in order to sustain our resources, economy and more, the world faces a troubling future. However, with organizations such as We Mean Business, the possibility of alleviating the negative effects of climate change and fostering a new way of doing business – the green way – can be realized.

Legend Power is proud to be a part of the change required to meet the demands that are expected of a lower carbon emissions future. With the Harmonizer, Legend reduces a building’s greenhouse gas emissions and electrical energy consumption, saving money and helping prevent the detrimental effects of over pollution.

Learn more about how the Harmonizer works. Or contact us for more information.