Voltage Reduction Saves Ontario Energy

The entire province of Ontario became more efficient for one hour on February 7th 2012.

Once every 18 months the Independent Electricity System Operator (“IESO”) completes a province wide voltage reduction test.  The purpose of this test is to determine the power savings that can be achieve by reducing voltage.  In short, if a power plant was to catastrophically fail, would lowering voltage by 5% reduce energy consumption enough to keep the province running?

There are two key takeaways:

1. Most buildings can reduce voltage by a minimum of 5%.  The voltage reduction test took place on February 7th, 2012.  Did you even notice? 

“Voltages are still expected to be within established industry standards for electrical equipment used by residential and commercial consumers” 

 Voltage reduction Question and Answer

2. Lowering voltage saves energy. The IESO knows this, and now you do too.

“…a voltage reduction can lower demand quite quickly and minimize the likelihood of service interruptions.”

IESO Plans Routine Voltage Reduction Test


For a brief one hour period all of Ontario was using less energy, polluting less and spending less money to run its buildings.  What would happen if every building operated at a more energy efficient voltage level?  Legend Power can make this happen.

Legend Power automatically adjusts unnecessarily high voltage levels entering a commercial building, just like the IESO did on February 7th 2012.  We offer a sophisticated energy saving dial for commercial buildings that works and is also approved for up to 50% incentive funding from the Ontario Power Authority.

Wouldn’t it be great if conserving electricity was as simple as turning a dial?  It can be.

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