Turn Down the Heat Video Series

Why climate change matters and a 4-degree global temperature rise must be avoided.

As part of the World Bank’s educational video library on YouTube, the Open Learning Campus, the below video comes from a series entitled, Turn Down the Heat. The video series, which seeks to educate the world on how climate change is affecting our planet and why the world should be taking notice, is inspired by the World Bank’s report by the same name. Although each segment focuses on a different aspect of climate change, as a whole, the series endeavors to showcase why we must avoid a future in which the global temperature rises 4 degrees or more, a future which would see droughts, heat waves, rising seas and super storms.

Watch the video below for more details on why climate change matters.

What Can You Do?

By investing in products such as the Harmonizer, there is a huge opportunity to lower emissions that are contributing to climate change, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into our atmosphere. To date, Legend Power Systems has been integral in assisting many large commercial and industrial building in significantly lowering their emissions.

Learn more about the Harmonizer results and take action today to help turn down the heat.