Study Finds Untapped Potential in Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial Buildings

A recent study by Pike Research ,”Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Commercial and Public Buildings,” finds that there are untapped opportunities in energy efficiency retrofits for commercial buildings in the US.

According to an article in GreenerBuildings that refers to the study,

Owners of commercial buildings in the U.S. could save more than $41 billion a year in energy costs, if all currently existing commercial space were placed in a decade-long energy efficiency retrofit program requiring an annual investment of about $22.5 billion.

The Pike study notes that while the best-funded energy retrofit projects are in institutional and government buildings, federal non-industrial buildings only represent 3% of commercial buildings and that the real focus should be on private commercial buildings.

According to GreenerBuildings, the report said:

If the goal of the energy retrofit industry is to spend a little money on efficiency, while total national demand for energy continues to grow, then present policy is functioning well. However, if the goal is to reduce the total demand for energy in buildings over time, by the 50 percent or more needed to address international competitiveness, global warming, and energy independence, then present energy policy needs a substantial retrofit.

If national carbon-emissions legislation addressed energy use in commercial buildings with a combination of high energy prices and reinvested incentives, then the market for energy efficiency retrofits (and for educating the workers in this market) would explode with activity.

Download the executive summary of the Pike Research report.

One viable option for commercial building owners to achieve these savings is conservation voltage regulation, an energy conservation technique that regulates the incoming voltage to buildings.

Legend Power’s conservation voltage regulation technology, the Harmonizer-AVR, is an electronic tap changers that regulates the voltage coming into a building. Tests show that the Harmonizer-AVR saves 6-10% of a building’s energy costs. For example, Honda Canada reduced their power costs by 6%.

For more information about conservation voltage regulation and Legend’s technology: