It Pays to Go Green [Infographic]

You have to go green to save green!

Save money and the environment by building sustainable architecture.

We all know that building sustainable, green architecture is a great way to save energy, resources and money. By paying more upfront to construct a green building, building owners will see a more efficient use of energy, water and other resources, as well as their money, thereby helping them minimize their building’s impact on the environment.

Learn more about green building: Habitat for Humanity’s Passive Homes.

Check out the below infographic, It Pays to go Green, and discover the projected statistics for green building in 2015, how green building is perceived, the benefits of going green, and other facts.

If you already have a building constructed, it’s not too late to improve efficiency and save energy and money! Legend Power’s Harmonizer can be installed into your current facility’s electrical room at the point where power enters a building, thereby optimizing incoming voltage. As a result, the Harmonizer enables your building to save energy, money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Inforgraphic: LINE/SHAPE/SPACE