BC Hydro’s Power Smart Program Turns 25

Congratulations to Legend Power client, BC Hydro, on 25 successful years of the energy saving initiatives of Power Smart.

Legend Power is proud to be working with companies that take energy conservation as seriously as we do. As British Columbia’s main distributor of electricity and one of North America’s largest electric utilities, Legend Power client, BC Hydro, has a large job when it comes to meeting the electricity demand of the province of BC. In conjunction with multiple other efforts, including a 10-year plan to combat increased energy demand and rates, BC Hydro has also provided BC residents with Power Smart programs, which are initiatives that include tips for residential homes, incentives for businesses, resources for developers and more, all in support of conserving our province’s energy supply.

Power Smart was introduced 25 years ago in 1989 and BC Hydro is taking this milestone as an opportunity to celebrate our province’s efforts towards saving power thus far, as well as encourage British Columbians to continue to be energy aware.

Throughout 2014, BC Hydro has supported this celebration by creating a few fun fact videos, like the one below, and launched contests, such as the Power Down Photo Contest, which asks folks to post pictures of themselves powering down their gadgets on social media, using the hashtag #PowerSmart25 for a chance to win a prize. BC Hydro has also spotlighted several of their initiatives that have helped contribute to making BC a more energy efficient province. You can learn more about the Power Smart initiatives and the contest on the BC Hydro website.


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