Apple and Environmental Responsibility

Tech giant, Apple, releases Environmental Responsibility Report.

In recent years, there has been the increasing consumer expectation that companies, especially successful and internationally celebrated ones, should not only be taking an interest in the environment but also a responsibility in the matter. One excellent example is coffee corporation, Starbucks. Not too long ago, we mentioned that the international coffee company is currently producing 99% ethically sourced coffee, with a commitment to one day be 100%. An endeavour which most likely stems from a desire to show consumers that they are doing their part to be a sustainable company that cares about its impact on the environment. Fortunately, this trend of environmental responsibly seems to be catching on.

Apple has recently released its 2015 Environmental Responsibility Report, covering the 2014 fiscal year and the progress they’ve made thus far. Covering everything from what Apple has currently accomplished in the realm of being environmentally friendly and sustainable, to the company’s stance on climate change, the report seems to be a promise to consumers that it’s taking the wellbeing of our planet seriously and understands that it is everyone’s responsibility to preserve the world we live in.

Specifically, the report covers the following:

  • How and why Apple is taking responsibility for the environment
  • Apple’s accomplishments to date
  • Climate change and the company’s stance on it, including their reasoning for intensely measuring their carbon footprint
  • Renewable resources and Apple’s commitment to preserving forests
  • Finite resources and the company’s commitment to recycling
  • Apple’s endeavour to reduce or eliminate harmful toxins
  • The company’s Environmental Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Carbon Assurance and Review Statements

Read the full report by visiting: 2015 Environmental Responsibility Report.

Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of Apple’s sustainability initiatives and how they are taking the environment into consideration within all aspects of the company.

Being environmentally responsible is very important to Legend Power and we commend Apple on their public declaration of supporting the planet.

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