Overvoltage affects everyone.

Everybody suffers from voltage related issues. Under voltage is rare. Overvoltage is extremely common affecting almost every building on the grid. Like a ninja, you don’t see it, but you know it was there by the damage it caused. Every minute of every day your building uses a little more power than it needs to and all of its electrical equipment gets more voltage than it should.

Whether it’s for the good of the environment or the simple financial reality that using more power costs more money, it’s time to stop the damaging effect of overvoltage.

It’s the right thing to do.

For every market we service, the problem is the same. Everybody suffers. Now is the time to diagnose how bad your overvoltage condition is and how much it affects your building.

We’re here to help.

Case studies.

The case studies below are just a subset of our customer-base. We’ve installed over 200 SmartGATE™s in almost every type of building. Click on an image to access the case study.


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