How Dr. Dunford Sees Legend Power’s Technology Fitting into the Smart Grid

Dr. William Dunford is Legend Power’s Chief Technology Officer and developer of the automatic voltage regulator and an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering & Power Electronics at UBC.

Dr. Dunford has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Imperial College, London and a PhD from the University of Toronto. He has also been a faculty member at both institutions. Dr. Dunford’s industrial experience includes periods in the aerospace industry at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (now Qinetiq) and Alcatel Espace. He was also a field engineer for Schlumberger in various locations in the Middle East.

Dr. Dunford has been involved with many research projects in conjunction with companies and government agencies, including a teaching company scheme in the UK. Several of these projects have been related to energy conversion and alternative energy, such as a photovoltaic powered pumping system for African villages and a similar system for watering cattle in British Columbia. Others have involved the design of hardware for industrial and traction applications, such as a drive system for a mining locomotive.

Dr. Dunford has been on Legend Power’s board since 2006 and he was Legend Power’s first webinar speaker on The Effects of Voltage Optimization.