Canada and Energy Conservation

Canada wide initiatives encourage Canadians to practice sustainability and energy conservation.

As the discussion surrounding climate change and greenhouse gas emissions heats up in boardrooms around the world, more and more companies and regions are committing to lowering their emissions, while also utilizing more sustainable resources. For example, research released last week by CDP and The Climate Group suggests that Over 100 Companies, States, Regions and Cities Have Made Ambitious Climate Commitments. Canada, it would seem, is no exception.

With the ever increasing international expectation that countries should commit to energy conservation, various organizations within Canada have initiated or further developed programs to help Canadians achieve sustainability goals. Partnerships between private industry and the Federal Government within Canada, such as the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), enable Canadian companies to become environmental leaders within their industry. There are also independent organizations such as The Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA); a not-for-profit which seeks to “ensure energy efficiency is a priority for all sectors of the economy.”

On a provincial level, organizations such as the Ontario Ministry of Energy are establishing province wide energy conservation initiatives. For example, the goal behind the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Conservation First, which is described as “a renewed vision for energy conservation in Ontario,” is to create a new framework to help Ontario save energy and money. Below is a video from the Ontario Government outlining the value of conservation.

Later this week we will further discuss energy conservation within Canada and how Legend Power can help commercial buildings in achieving a company’s sustainability and conservation goals.