AltEnergy eMagazine: Honda Canada Reduces Power Costs by 6% Using Harmonizer Automatic Voltage Regulator

Legend Power is featured in Alternative Energy eMagazine’s June/July 2010 issue. The article profiles our case study of how we helped Honda Canada save 6% of their power costs:

In 2007, Legend Power completed a beta installation of a 500 amp Electrical Harmonizer-AVR to help reduce Honda Canada’s electrical energy consumption.  After completing the installation, initial measurement and verification found Honda Canada had successfully saved electrical energy.  In 2009, Legend Power completed a technical review of this project to verify that the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR installed in 2007 is still effectively saving electrical energy…

As a result of installing an Electrical Harmonizer-AVR, Honda Canada has achieved the following results:

Annual kWh Savings: 76,271
Average kW Reduction: 8.73
Percent Savings: 5.98%
Dollar Savings: $4,400

The savings achieved through voltage optimization is expected to persist over the life of the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR.  After 10 years, Honda Canada will have saved an estimated 762,710 kWh of electrical energy and $44,000.

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