Victor Goncalves on Green Energy

Equities and Economics Report writer Victor Gonçalves, in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, talks about what he thinks “being green” means for energy. He also mentions Legend Power and says that being green is more than having a smaller carbon footprint, and more about using energy efficiently.

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The Energy Report: Any companies out there that you’re following that are pursuing some interesting energy-saving concepts?

Victor Gonçalves: I’ve been following a company called Legend Power (TSX.V: LPX). What they do is quite impressive. Most commercial buildings have the ability to access a regular power, electricity plug in, or peak power, but you pay for the peak power just to have that available. They pay for all this extra power to be available to them.

What Legend Power does is install modulators, which reduce the power on demand at the plug when it’s not being used. They calibrate the amount of power to the outlet for the demand you’re going to use. That’s what I think is a brilliant move, especially when it comes to a big box store, Best Buy, for example.

They’re closed between 10 o’clock at night and eight in the morning; that’s 10 hours of peak power that they could be reducing. Legend Power’s gotten a lot of work orders and they’re just developing the business. I think this is patented technology and systems, so they’ll be a big player in the system and probably the leader. So, again, huge, huge innovations in saving energy.

For more, see the full article, where Gonçalves also talks about shifts in energy use, technology, and rare earths.