Green Movement Progress

Where does the green movement stand at the start of 2015?


The idea of sustainability has been growing over the last century but it’s only in recent years that it has begun to spread, establishing itself as common knowledge. As economies grow and urban societies expand, the movement to live sustainably has also been on the rise. In just 2014 alone, we’ve seen incredible moments, environmental wins and exciting, positive news across industries (read 2014 Year in Review: Energy and Our Planet).

Over the years, the pressure on governing bodies has increased. In Costa Rica, for example, trees now cover more than half of the country after a major push for conservation. In China, citizens are voicing their concerns over the extreme smog seen in many of the major cities. Stories of environmental concerns are discussed in major newsrooms around the world as awareness grows concerning the earth’s finite resources.

In spite of the growing awareness, there’s always room to improve. The sooner the culture of environmental awareness spreads, the more wins we will be seeing for our planet. Whether people choose more efficient features for their homes, retrofit commercial buildings, or devote more time to developing renewable energies, an increase in environmental awareness and sustainable actions will preserve the planet for future generations.

It’s a new year and what better time to examine the state of a movement than now. Read more via The Energy Collective’s Steven Cohen. 

(Image via Pixabay)