Forging a Path to Greener Cities

The future must be green!

As urbanization picks up the pace, energy efficiency will be key to our success…


Urbanization and industrialization is our unavoidable future. It’s an exciting new era our race is embarking upon, but although it comes with many incredible developments and technologies, it also comes with its risks. The biggest risk associated with our progression as a race is the threat we pose to our environments, which ironically, is tightly bound to our success. There is a fine line between development and destruction and now is the time to make energy efficiency the central goal of our present and future.

According to experts, we can expect to see another 2.3 billion people living in cities over the next 35 years. With the growth of urban population will come a high demand in energy. Cities already account for three-quarters of the world’s energy consumption and, consequently, contribute to the majority of human-generated greenhouse gas emissions. Not only will energy efficiency save our environment from further damage from greenhouse gases, it will also help to reduce the air pollution that is adversely affecting health of citizens already living in large urban centres.

Fortunately we have the skills and the technology to make our future green ad bright! In fact, our capability of green industrialization and urbanization has even become unexciting. Perhaps we all need to be reminded of some numbers. According to the International Energy Agency, by taking advantage of the economically viable measures already available to us, we could cut global energy use by the equivalent of 50 billion barrels of oil, and generate an additional $18 trillion in global economic output by 2035!

Urban growth doesn’t have to mean more pollution. There is no time at all like the present to make the changes we need to make in order to make the expected urbanization a sustainable era of growth.

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