Transition to a World Without Oil

At TEDGlobal 2009, Rob Hopkins presented “Transition to a World Without Oil”.

In the presentation, he reminds us about our depleting oil supplies, noting that for every 4 barrels of oil we use, we only discover 1. While many are sitting back and hoping that we can invent our way out of this economic and energy crisis, Hopkins proposes The Transition Response, a method of looking at challenges straight in the face and responding with the creativity, adaptabilty and imagination that we really need.

The Transition Response is about what people can do where they are to respond to this crisis and is based on the idea of resiliency – that when systems withstand stock they don’t just unravel but respond in a positive way.

Which ever way we decide to move forward, it’s clear that we are headed towards an environmental crisis and that now is the time to start coming up with smart, viable solutions.