The Sustainable Office Toolkit

I came across the Sustainable Office Toolkit today. It’s an excellent resource for offices who want to go green but need some direction. From their website:

The Sustainable Office Toolkit is a set of resources and tools developed by the Sustainability Division to help offices of all types and size move toward sustainability through practices such as recycling, energy and water conservation, and “green” building.

To become a sustainable office, your environmental program must become part of your business’s core operating principles and values. It must be carried out as systematically and with as much attention to detail as a project for your manager or board of directors. For example, simply posting recycling signs above a new container is not going to effect a change in behavior; and such a change is exactly what needs to happen.

The site has guidebooks on how to implement your green plan; modules to teach you about different areas of sustainabilty, like waste reduction, energy conservation and corporate social responsibility; and resources to help you out, including sample environmental policies, templates and environmental calculators. Although the toolkit is aimed at the state of Georgia, it’s helpful for any office wanting to go green but unsure of how to get started.