Rising Energy Costs: 20 Year Projections

Electrical energy costs are rising. The chart below shows when the average energy costs in each state are predicted to reach 15 cents per kWh. Rates are calculated assuming a 5% annual increase. Once expected power costs reach 15 cents, the states column is highlighted in green.

The chart shows that by 2030, every state will be at 15 cents per kWh, with the majority reaching this price within the next 10 years.

Why is this important?

Because at 15 cents per kWh, Legend Power customers will achieve a three year payback without incentive funding.

The simplest, most cost-effective way to combat rising energy costs is through energy efficiency measures. By installing the Harmonizer-AVR, an electronic tap changer that safely reduces voltage coming into your commercial building, you reduce energy costs and are not at the mercy of market increases.

If voltage levels decrease below the minimum standard, the tap changer will select a 0% tap to ensure voltage levels do not drop to levels that could cause a brown out.

Have a look at our corporate video to hear what IKEA, Science World, and BC Hydro say firsthand about how effective the the Harmonizer is for their buildings.