How Big Business Can Fight Climate Change

Case Study - BC Hydro

BC Hydro Installed the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

The Boston Globe recently published a great article on “Bringing Big Businesses into the Climate Fight” (Nov 15, 2009).

Big business is an important group that, as of yet, has not fully realized its potential in fighting climate change. Although corporate America is steadfast in its support for greening the supply chain and their products, this is only part of the answer.

The corporate world can fight climate change in larger ways that have more of an impact on society than individuals can alone. Business and industry can look at green building standards, electrical energy conservation, water conservation, and general power use.

In particular for businesses running 24/7 or two 8-hour shifts, electrical energy conservation alone can result in a 6-10% decrease in electrical costs.

This type of change is not only good for the environment. It’s good for the bottom line, And if the right people are in place, doing the right things, then business executives and investors can change the way that they think about business and sustainability.

By integrating sustainability into business, organizations can, yes, do a good-guy thing for the planet, but they can do something financially good for the bottom line.

If continuity and survival of the business are the key drivers for executives and investors, then conservation needs to be top of mind. The threat posed by carbon dioxide and disappearing natural resources affect the economy, health, and access to resources. Addressing sustainability provides kids, our future customers, with a future.

Government change, yes, is needed. But it’s not just government and individuals who can play a role. The staying power of institutions guarantees success in the fight against climate change, and those who choose to be part of the solution will be rewarded.

In terms of electrical energy conservation, the best, immediate action to take is as simple as requesting a building audit from Legend Power. The building audit quickly identifies facilities leaks, voltage optimization issues and utility overcharges. Dealing with facilities is a priority since getting it right can save you money.

Next steps include analyzing the risk of not acting on sustainability issues at a company-wide level. At Legend Power we recommend having the sustainability officer report to chief executive, that goals be set with the board of directors, and that the CEO be held accountable. We are talking about the financial health of the company, not just positive change for the sake of doing something good for the environment. Big business can fight climate change. We believe in you.

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