Help Us Commute More Sustainably

Dave and his V8Legend Power’s head office is located in Burnaby BC, a suburb just outside of Vancouver. Only a small number of Legend employees live in or near Burnaby and most of us commute to work from as far away and Langley and North Vancouver. For those unfamiliar with the Metro Vancouver area, Langley is an outlying suburb about 30 km from Burnaby while North Vancouver is about 20 km away. The majority of Legend employees commute by car, some take public transit, and we have one dedicated cyclist who rounds out our commuting mix.

Approximately 80% of our office commutes to work by car. With an average return trip of 40 km, a quick look at the numbers reveal that each Legend employee drives 8,032 km each year just to get to work and back. The combined total for all employee commuting is just over 104,000 km per year. Assuming that all commuters drive mid-sized vehicles, Legend Power employees are responsible for 35 tons of GHG annually.

While this looks bad enough, unfortunately not all employees drive mid-sized vehicles; some of us drive oversized 4×4 pickup trucks.

Legend Power values the environment and strives to contribute to a greener future. Our own Dave Orton, VP Sales and Marketing, takes this commitment very seriously. Dave currently commutes to work in a large gas-guzzling truck and is burning through far more gasoline than commuters in smaller vehicles. Dave is ready and willing to make a change and replace his V8 Toyota Tundra with a smaller more efficient vehicle — and he wants your help.

Dave is currently soliciting opinions on what he should trade his gas-guzzling truck in for. Let us know what you think by filling out our quick poll.

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