Energy Conservation New Years Resolution

2009 is quickly drawing to a close and with the New Year only days away now is the perfect time to set your corporate news years resolution.  Why not make 2010 the year that you commit to helping your company go green.  Going green may sound like a completely ambiguous resolution, and it is to some extent, what is going green anyways?  However, if you follow your new years resolution to help your company go green with a number of actionable goals, the ambiguity will  disappear and you may actually achieve your resolution.

Whether you are a cubicle worker with little to no influence on corporate sustainability or a senior executive charged with the lofty task of corporate responsibly, you can help reduce the size of your company’s carbon footprint.  If your professional new year’s resolution is to help your company go green, here are a number of specific sub-resolutions or goals, which will help you achieve your resolution of going green.

  1. Reduce computer related energy consumption by joining the climate savers computing movement.   Most people today rely heavily on computers at work, making sure that computers are used efficiency can go a long way to making a company a more efficient user of energy.
  2. Switch your computers default print settings to double side.  If you have enough influence in your work place to make double sided printing an office policy, than great. If not, send out a friendly email to your colleagues encouraging them to print double sided and let them know that this will save trees and money
  3. Purchase clean energy.  There are a number of clean energy providers that can provide your company with clean electricity.  At Legend Power we purchase clean power from Bullfrog Power.  This may be a bit tricky to implement if you aren’t a decision maker in your company’s eneryg procurement strategy.  If don’t have the authority to purchase clean energy for your company, I recommend sending a brief email to your marketing departing telling them how simple it is to purchase clean energy and that it will help the company’s green image, followed by a link to a clean energy provider’s website.  Every marketer I have met in the past two years is looking for ways to promote their brand or company as “green”.  Your company’s marketing team may very well be the champion needed drive this  project forward.
  4. Educate yourself by attending at least one webinar in 2010 on energy conservation technology.  Legend Power hosts a webinar once a month and we would love for you to attend.  To view our previous webinar on the effects of voltage optimization, please visit our events site.
  5. Work from home at least once a month, once a week if possible.  Many people commute to work in a car and cars are terrible polluters.  If working from home is an option for you, take advantage of the opportunity.  Chances are you will get more done from home by avoiding typical office distractions that always seem to occur.  If working from home is not possible, try taking public transit or carpooling.

I encourage you to post additional corporate new years goals for 2010 in our comments section.  Happy New Year!