Legend Power is now making it easier than ever for customers to save in many ways. Our innovative solution provides savings on a company’s energy costs; it extends the shelf life and reduces maintenance costs of all electrical equipment in their facility, and now with our Positive Cash Flow Leasing Model, customers experience immediate positive cash flow savings.

Plus, with our industry leading 10 year warranty, customers will benefit from long term savings and the lowest cost of acquisition compared to any other energy retrofit in the industry. With our affordable lease agreement, the energy savings will offset the monthly payment day 1 and provide ongoing savings for the life of the equipment.

Benefits of Leasing For Your Organization:

  • Low monthly payments offset by eligible rebates, incentives and energy savings provides positive cash flow day 1.
  • Conserves capital
  • Preserves credit lines/borrowing power already established
  • Easy to budget – Operating Budget vs. Capital Budget process
  • Fixed rates for term of lease
  • Simplifies accounting and depreciation records
  • Monthly payments can be tax deductible and treated as an operating expense as opposed to being listed on the balance sheet
  • Customer has several end-of-lease options
  • ‘Soft costs’ (software, maintenance, service contracts, etc) can be included in the lease

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