Legend Power Featured in Alberta Venture

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This morning Alberta Venture, Alberta’s business community magazine, featured “The Power of Conservation” by Fabrice Taylor. The article looks at investment opportunities with Legend Power:

As policymakers fresh off the Copenhagen climate-change conference are coming to realize, virtually all the proposed fixes to our carbon dioxide emissions problem, from wind power to biofuels to carbon capture and storage, come with serious drawbacks. The biggest opportunity to save the environment remains conservation, especially of energy. Moreover, it contains its own, built-in economic incentive for business and consumers alike: controlling or lowering energy costs.

The Electrical Harmonizer is an energy conservation tool that has all the hallmarks of a successful product. First, it’s proven to reduce electricity bills by between 6% and 12%. Case studies with the likes of Honda Canada, Ikea and Vancouver’s Telus World of Science attest to the device’s ability to save users money on power. The technology is endorsed by the Energy Star program and BC Hydro has verified the company’s energy savings claims.

…What’s most interesting to the investor: there’s a lot of buzz about cleantech and greentech, and lots of money thrown at both. But you don’t have to be a genius to appreciate that the push for energy conservation will precede the push for radical technological change.

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