GreenXchange Launched at World Economic Forum

Last week Davos held the World Economic Forum 2010, which ran from January 27 – 31. It was the 40th anniversary of the World Economic Forum and this year’s theme was “Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild” —  a fitting theme for time when many of our world institutions and systems are in need of reinvention.

Along the lines of rebuilding old systems, Nike formally launched the GreenXchange Wednesday morning at a CEO breakfast in Davos.

GreenXchange is a project between Nike, Creative Commons and Best Buy, and was dubbed by Steve Guengerich as the “wikinomics for clean tech intellectual property”.

As both GreenXchange and Worldchanging explain, GreenXchange is an innovative platform meant to bring together private companies, the public sector and government institutions in order to share ideas around sustainability. Its goal is to create a commons where companies and groups working on innovation in sustainability can safely share research.

While we’ve already harnessed the power of the network to build software, browsers and an open encyclopedia, we’ve yet to harness the power of the network to achieve sustainability.

With GreenXchange, companies can collaborate on research and issue licenses to share their research with other companies. In the end this saves money, speeds up research and fosters innovation.

In a post in Business Week on Monday, one of the founders, Don Topscott says:

Companies face very similar sets of sustainability challenges — how to reduce resource consumption and achieve greater efficiency — but without the ability to share learning and best practices in response to those challenges, good solutions fail to take hold or make a broader impact. The GX makes it easy to enable sharing and promotion of industry best practices leading to sustainability while making sure that credit is given where it is due.

For more information on the GreenXchange, watch this video (via Worldchanging):