Green Vancouver: Trash Talk

Vancity is cleaning up and going green…

Check out today’s post to get all the dirty details on one city’s garbage in this short documentary!

Vancouver has pledged to be powered by 100% renewable resources. It’s an exciting prospect that our city will be operating on clean energy. However, we know there is more to being the greenest city possible than just renewable energy.

Being a green city will require all hands on deck to clean up our act and live a fully sustainable life. This includes our waste management. Everyone produces trash but not too many people give their garbage a second thought beyond the trash bins. What happens after the garbage truck has come around and picked up our waste?

Every year in North America, it is estimated that we produce over 300 million tonnes of solid waste. Much of that waste can be recycled or composted. In this documentary, Sean Horlor and Steve Adams, explore how Vancouver manages its trash and investigate into the next big recycling movement this city has planned in its efforts to be as green as a city can be!

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