Earn Money For Your Sustainability Efforts

A new website, MyEex.com (pronounced “my-eeks”), has your sustainability efforts working for you, letting you earn money for reducing your personal energy use.

From their website:

My Emissions Exchange…is a personal carbon exchange that lets you earn money for reducing your carbon footprint. My Emissions Exchange tackles the increasingly important issue of global warming in a new way: by paying individuals for reducing their carbon emissions. MyEex allows participating members to earn money by brokering their personal carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market and returning the proceeds.

Their slogan is Measure, Reduce, Earn and it sounds simple enough.

First, you signup and record your electric and heat usage for the last year. Next, you follow their tips for reducing your energy use and enter your usage once a month. MyEex.com does the calculations to figure out how much you are saving and earning in credits. They will then certify your reductions and you’ll earn carbon credits like those granted to companies, states, and countries. You’ll receive your earnings via Pay Pal.

Credits are sold on the Voluntary Carbon Market. The site says that you can expect to earn between $10 and $25 for your VER (Voluntary Emissions Reductions). In addition, you’ll also see savings on your utility bill — it’s a win-win situation!

Watch the video to find out more: