Canadian Water Summit 2015

CWS 2015: The Energy of Water – Exploring Nexus Opportunities

Building a sustainable future for water in Canada.

Taking place this Thursday, on June 25th in Vancouver, this year’s Canadian Water Summit will focus on the energy of water, as well as the connection between both energy and water. Each year, the Canadian Water Summit addresses specific topics pertaining to water in Canada, many of which touch on the sustainability of this invaluable resource, as well as the environment. With over 25 different speakers presenting at this year’s summit, the 2015 Canadian Water Summit offers perspectives from various different groups and organizations, ranging from Squamish Nation Chief Ian Campbell, to the British Columbia Minister of Environment Mary Polak, to Presidents and CEOs of many different companies.

The 2015 Canadian Water Summit will mark the sixth annual summit since it’s inaugural year in 2010.¬†Learn more about the 2015 Canadian Water Summit: The Energy of Water.

View photos from the 2014 Canadian Water Summit below.

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