Commercial Power Conservation Webinar Panelists

As mentioned last week, Legend Power is holding its second webinar this Thursday January 28th on Strategic Approaches to Electrical Energy Conservation (you can register here). The webinar will feature a panel discussion and inustry leaders who specialize in Commercial Electricity Conservation will share their insights into energy conservation planning.

Here’s an introduction to our panelists:

David Helliwell, CEO, Pulse EnergyDavid-Halliwell-Pulse-Energy-CEO_100x100

Founder of Pulse Energy, David Helliwell ‘s career has spanned 3 continents and has been focused on the energy sector since 1994. David has been an exploration geophysicist, a poorly-paid professional windsurfing racer, a Paris-based management consultant to large multinational organizations and spent three years running the policy shop for a cabinet minister in the Canadian federal government. While with the Canadian government, David was responsible for reducing costs and improving environmental performance of 700 million square feet of office space across the country. David is an Action Canada Fellow, and is on the Imagine BC advisory board.

Dominique Dodd, President & CEO, Thermonic Electric Dominique-Dodd-CEO-Thermonic-Electric-100x100

President and CEO of Thermonic Electric, Dominique Dodd has over 15 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Mr. Dodd worked for Nortel Networks in the 90’s while the company was designing products for the internet infrastructure. He also participated in the design of a semiconductor chip set which lead to the successful IPO of Avici Systems. Mr. Dodd has held leader and management positions in high-tech startups including Quake Technologies where he designed, manufactured and was a leader in the 10GE serdes chip industry (acquired by AMCC); and Potentia Semiconductors where he designed semiconductor solutions for power management (acquired by Power Integrations).

Victoria Kamsler, Chief Ethics Officer & Research Director, Greenfiniti victoria-kamsler

Victoria Kamsler is an ex-Princeton environmental ethicist, co-founder of Skybase (@solarflight), and CEO at Greenfiniti. Greenfiniti is a joint Canadian-Belgian consulting and investment firm providing services in the area of climate change mitigation and adaptation. They approach the challenge of climate change as an environmental complex requiring a combination of short-term (carbon offsetting), medium-term (GHG mitigation/adaptation) and long-term solutions (renewable energy investments).

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Dr. William Dunford, P. Eng, CTO Legend Power img-dunford

Legend Power’s CTO and developer of the automatic voltage regulator, Dr. Dunford is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering & Power Electronics at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Dunford’s industrial experience includes periods in the aerospace industry at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (now QinetiQ) and Alcatel Espace. He was also a field engineer for Schlumberger in various locations in the Middle East and has been involved with many research projects related to energy conversion and alternative energy, such as a photovoltaic powered pumping system for African villages. Others have involved the design of hardware for industrial and traction applications, such as a drive system for mining locomotives.

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Mark Petersen P.Eng., Lead Engineer, Legend Power mark-peterson-cheif-engineer-legend-power

Prior to joining Legend Power as Lead Engineer, Mark Petersen was the electrical engineer for Angstrom Power.

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Webinar Details

Stop the Band-Aid Approaches to Commercial Power Conservation. Get Strategic.

Thursday, January 28, 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST

Register here