Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy and maintenance costs for our customers and contribute to a greener, sustainable environment – these are the goals of Legend Power.

Legend Power is working with a growing list of commercial businesses and institutions to help them achieve their sustainability objectives through installations of the Electrical Harmonizer with the Automatic Voltage Regulator (“Electrical Harmonizer-AVR”).

Legend Power has dedicated six years and over $9 million in research and development to create and refine the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR. This patented device reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions through voltage optimization by minimizing inefficiencies within the electrical distribution system at our customers’ facilities, particularly beneficial during peak demand periods.

Most electrical customers receive higher voltage levels than required at certain points of the grid from electrical utilities delivering higher levels to compensate for line loss across the feeder length. The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR eliminates these inefficiencies by delivering the optimal level of voltage a user needs, ultimately reducing the level of greenhouse gases emitted from the facility and lowering energy costs.

The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR has been proven to achieve the following benefits:

  • 7-12% reduction in electricity costs ($)
  • 8-12% reduction in peak demand (kW)
  • 7-10% reduction in energy consumption (kWh)
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduction of direct and indirect facility maintenance costs
  • Extended life-cycles of machinery and equipment
  • Reduction of waste management
  • Improved overall power quality issues
  • Conservation with no lifestyle changes

Electrical Harmonizer-AVR

The Electrical Harmonizer was originally developed and tested in Japan, with the AVR later developed in Canada. Legend Power now holds the exclusive patents and distribution rights for the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR in Canada, the United States, Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and the European Patent Office.

Legend Power’s target market includes organizations that:

  • Consume large quantities of electricity for lighting or operating motor drive equipment
  • Require significant power during peak periods
  • Receive incoming voltage at or above nominal levels
  • Have long operating hours

Incentive Funding

In mid-2008, Legend Power changed gears from a research and development company to a company focused on marketing and installing the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR in British Columbia and Ontario. Power customers in both markets face an urgent need to meet specific government-backed conservation targets. These jurisdictions also offer incentive funding to companies that adopt measures which help to conserve energy.

The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR is eligible for incentive funding in British Columbia and Ontario. In British Columbia, under the BC Hydro Power Smart Partner Program, BC Hydro pays up to 60% of the capital costs. In Ontario, up to 40% of costs are eligible for incentive funding under the Building Owners and Managers Association’s (BOMA) Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) program funded by the Ontario Power Authority. These incentive funding programs dramatically improve the payback for customers.

Early adopters of the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR include Canada Post, BC Hydro, Science World, Ikea (Richmond) and Honda Canada.

Looking ahead, Legend Power plans to continue its growth in the BC and Ontario markets over the next year. As a demonstration of its commitment to these regions, Legend Power is expanding its staff at the Burnaby, BC head office and opening an office in Toronto, Ontario, in early 2009 with a focus on increasing sales and technical operations.

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