The Harmonizer saves energy by safely reducing a buildings voltage while  keeping voltage within standard industry specifications.  If excess power is supplied to a building in the form of high voltage, the Harmonizer will adjust voltage to an efficient level to save energy and money.

Power and voltage delivered to a facility are typically higher than necessary due to an inefficient and aging power grid, and the unavoidable physics behind line loss resistance.  Because of this, most buildings receive more power than needed, and this directly impacts a building’s overall electrical energy consumption. Legend Power eliminates this hidden energy waste and provides guaranteed energy savings.

Legend Power’s industry leading product combines a proven auto transformer (Harmonizer) with an innovative voltage management system. The Harmonizer does most of the work by reducing incoming voltage while the voltage management system provides fail safe protection against voltage related brown outs.  If voltage levels drop too low, the protection mode mechanism is engaged and the Harmonizer is removed from the buildings electrical system to help avoid a brown out in the event of a voltage sag.  When voltage is restored, the Harmonizer is reengaged and begins saving energy.

The Harmonizer provides building owners and operators with greater control over their energy bill by reducing their building’s electrical energy consumption in a simple and seamless manner.

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