Midas Letter on Legend Power: Real World Energy Saving Solutions

Legend Power: Real World Energy Saving Solutions
By Jonathan T. Orr
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the case of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, radically changing our energy consumption patterns and improving efficiencies, the answer is obvious.

Use less power.

The question, in particular for companies involved in manufacturing and other power intensive industries, is how to accomplish this without sacrificing efficiency, increasing costs, or investing in whole new infrastructures that may take years to show clear results and significant savings. Increasingly, whether due to tougher emissions regulations, company vision or simple bottom line, companies will need to greatly reduce their carbon footprints.

There are many ways to do this.

Legend Power Systems Inc. (TSX.V: LPS) has a solution that will make practical sense to anyone: with their own-patented technology they can reduce a company’s energy costs by simply optimizing voltage use. Refreshingly understandable even to a non-expert the process is beautiful in its elegance.

The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR uses a transformer with a set of taps to set the degree of voltage optimization for the incoming power supply. The AVR component enables the taps to automatically change, under load, in response to fluctuations of the power grid. By optimizing the voltage level the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR allows customers to reduce energy consumption, peak demand, greenhouse gas emissions and maintenance costs while improving overall power quality issues.

The fundamental concept of Legend Power’s technology is based on “Conservation Voltage Regulation” (CVR) or Voltage Optimization, which makes the best use of voltage by providing it when you need it and by limiting it when you don’t.

Most companies don’t know that they are consuming, and paying for, electricity that they don’t need. Plus, using operating machinery and lights at their pre-set highest voltage capacity prematurely wears them out, which means shorter lifespans for machinery and more bulb changes for lights.

Legend Power’s Electrical Harmonizer-AVR results have been proven to reduce electricity consumption by 7% to 10% and the findings have been independently verified by BC Hydro.

Unlike many other energy efficiency measures such as lighting retrofits and installing variable frequency drives, the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR has a comprehensive measurement & verification process. After completing an installation, the Electrical Harmonizer-AVR takes energy measurements in bypass mode and in a 6% tap mode. This process allows the customers to see how much energy has actually been saved as a result of using Legend Power for voltage optimization.

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