Legend Power Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that developed, manufactures and markets a device that saves electrical energy, guaranteed.

Founded in 2001, Legend Power is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and has deployed a team of experienced energy consultants to lead the commercial strategy in Toronto, Ontario.

The Harmonizer is a proven energy conservation tool that can be implemented in your facility to start saving electrical energy  immediately. It combines an efficient voltage optimization auto transformer with an active voltage monitoring system. Designed to be installed in an electrical room, it is a proven, sustainable and cost effective solution that saves energy.

At Legend Power we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their goals regarding energy conservation, environmental stewardship and sustainability. The Harmonizer has evolved over the last few years to become a device that successfully achieves those targets.


To be recognized as a leading global supplier of innovative electrical energy conservation solutions.

Our Values

Legend Power is an energy conservation company that uses a patented device to achieve significant energy conservation results through voltage optimization. The Electrical Harmonizer-AVR is critical to achieving LPSIs vision of changing the footprint of how electricity is going to be used in the future on a global basis.

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