Building Industry Needs to Learn More About Intelligent Buildings

Commercial Energy Conservation“One-third of all the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted.”

This is according to Robert H. Lane, president of Robert H. Lane and Associates Inc., in a seminar during Construct Canada, Canada’s largest building design and construction show, last month.

Referring to Lane’s presentation, RCD Digital Media stated:

When it comes to understanding intelligent buildings – those with systems and technologies that work in sync to create efficiencies and save energy – developers and contractors need to do more homework.

Despite the current trend in green building and sustainability, there’s a lot more to learn. As Lane says “I think there is a general know-how and experience lacking in a lot of building professionals.”

Intelligent building design is essential to cutting down on our energy consumption and eliminating energy wastage. Unlike most other countries, Canada’s energy consumption is going up, not down as Lisa Bate, Chair of Canada Green Building Council pointed out in her seminar at Construct Canada.

Part of the problem, as Lane points out, is that building professionals “often overestimate the cost of saving energy.” Building professionals need to sit down and take the time to learn about energy saving processes and issues.