BOMA Having Postive Impact on Canadian Commerical Energy Conservation Efforts

Commerical Energy Conservation / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is a commercial energy conservation success story. By working to promote the commercial real estate industry through leadership and advocacy, BOMA is having significant impact on commercial energy conservation, particularly through it’s two programs — BOMA CDM and BOMA BESt.


BOMA Toronto’s Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) Program is a $60 million incentive funding program to encourage building owners and tenants in the Toronto area (416 Area Code) to take on commercial energy conservation projects in their buildings.  The program offers incentives for annual energy savings, in kilowatt hours (kWh), and peak summer demand reductions, in kilowatts (kW), and reducing tons of cooling (for geothermal projects). Up to $5,500 is initially available to individual projects and the program ensures that the cash incentives are easily accessible – they promise that after the Project Completion Report is finalized you’ll receive your incentive payment within 30 business days.

Qualified Electricity Conservation Retrofits
Lighting, sub-metering, motors, chillers, HVAC, windows, insulation, building automation systems and many others for buildings over twenty five thousand square feet.

Large commercial buildings with 25,000 square feet or greater.

Eligible Building Types

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Mixed Use
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Private Institutions

4 years, ending December 31, 2010

Incentive Level
$800 per kilowatt of on-peak demand savings or $0.10 per kilowatt-hour annual consumption savings for non-lighting projects; $400 per kilowatt of on-peak demand savings or $0.05 per kilowatt-hour annual consumption savings for lighting projects; $250 per cooling ton (for ground source cooling projects).

Incentive Cap
Incentive payment limited to 40% of total Eligible Costs.

According to this recent press release,

The CDM Program currently involves over 383 projects, with energy savings equaling the consumption of 26,300 Ontario homes, eliminating 31,000 tonnes of emissions and creating approximately 1,700 Ontario jobs. This represents more than $105 million in capital investment.

For more information, visit the BOMA CDM Website. To apply for incentive funding, fill out the Application Form.


BOMA’s Building Environmental Standards (BESt) program is a national environmental standards certification program. BOMA BESt has four levels of building certification and provides building managers with an environmental management tool, recommendations for areas of improvement and an online assessment tool.

Last week’s press release stated that,

the average BOMA certified building consumes roughly 11 per cent less energy than it did a decade ago. Some BOMA buildings have adopted aggressive energy management strategies and undertaken building retrofits to reduce their energy use by as much as 30 per cent.

For information, including application costs, visit the BOMA BESt website.