5 Power Conservation Solutions by Canadians

What are the most innovative ideas and companies that you have discovered in the green space?

At Legend Power, we see some breakthrough ideas in the green and clean tech space that are noteworthy, in particular deals in algae, geothermal, biodiesels, PV, wind, tidal and hydro.

Here are 5 Canadian companies providing great power conservation solutions:

1. Pulse™ Energy. Energy Management Software

Pulse Energy’s software collects, analyzes and communicates real-time energy intelligence for building operators and management, enabling savings of 5-25% with improved operating efficiency.

2. PowerKure™
PowerKure™ is an integrated modular system that is custom engineered for each facility to effectively and economically optimize power quality, providing guaranteed energy savings, through reductions in power demand and power consumption. (KVA/KW and KWH)

3. REGEN Energy
REGEN provides commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-unit residential facilities with the ability to reduce their electrical demand charges by at least 25-30% using a practical, cost effective approach!

4. Fifth Light
Fifth Light offers advanced Lighting Solutions that conserve energy, improve lighting quality and simplify facility management while generating an attractive return on investment.

5. Legend Power
Legend Power is an electrical energy conservation company that uses a patented device to achieve significant energy conservation results through voltage optimization. Installation results have yielded clearly measurable reductions in electric bills, maintenance costs and greenhouse gases. Legend Power helps utilities and facilities reduce their environmental footprint while increasing their competitiveness through cost effective and sustainable investments in energy efficiency. View “Legend Power Corporate Video.”