4 Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day

Cool Globe Energy Conservation

Cool Globes: Save Power with Energy Efficiency

Tomorrow is Earth Day and people around the world are promoting environmental awareness and encouraging community action. According to the Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest secular civic event in the world.

Here are 4 reasons why you should celebrate Earth Day:

The Clean Energy Revolution is Coming

Obama’s attention right now is on energy reform. Last week, he urged business heads to push Congress in support of climate and energy bill. He told the group the climate bill – which would cap global warming emissions – is good for business and that members of Congress need to hear that.

Next on the Obama administration’s agenda is developing a clean energy and climate bill, a bill which, according to Dan Lashof in the Huffington Post, will add “2 million clean energy jobs, cut pollution by 2 billion tons, and save 2 trillion dollars worth of oil imports.” To push Obama to move ahead, Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman are expected to release a bipartisan proposal on April 26th.

Canadians Are Leading Commercial Energy Conservation

Canadian Companies are providing some of the world’s leading commercial energy conservation solutions. As mentioned in an earlier post, companies doing interesting things include:

  • Pulse™ Energy, has software that collects, analyzes and communicates real-time energy intelligence for building operators and management, enabling savings of 5-25% with improved operating efficiency.
  • PowerKure™, an integrated modular system that is custom engineered for each facility to effectively and economically optimize power quality, providing guaranteed energy savings, through reductions in power demand and power consumption. (KVA/KW and KWH)
  • REGEN Energy provides commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-unit residential facilities with the ability to reduce their electrical demand charges by at least 25-30%.
  • Fifth Light offers advanced Lighting Solutions that conserve energy, improve lighting quality and simplify facility management while generating an attractive return on investment.

Smart Grid Technologies are Within Grasp

Worldwide adoption of smart grid technologies is growing and if you need proof, just look at China. Monday was the grand opening of Yangzhou’s state-of-the-art Smart Grid Demonstration Center. The center is meant to serve as a model for smart grid adoption throughout China.

Cool Globes are at Science World

Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, is a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change. With globes ranging from “Green Your Screens” to “Cool Urban Roofs” to “Tidal Energy”, they are meant to remind us of the many ways in which we can contribute to solving global warming.

Cool Globes grew out of a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005, and was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2006.  Since that time, Cool Globes premiered in Chicago and went on tour across the country from Washington DC to San Francisco, San Diego, Sundance, Los Angeles and Houston.  In the fall of 2009, Cool Globes opened the first international exhibit in Copenhagen. We currently have globes on display at Science World in Vancouver, and are planning exhibits in Geneva and Marseilles.  It is our hope that the millions of people who have experienced the exhibit, leave with a vast array of solutions to climate change, and with one clear message….we can solve this.

For more reasons to celebrate, watch this video: