10 Energy Savings Tips for Commerical Buildings

Being Power Smart is more than just a residential responsibility. Best practices for commercial and industrial energy management ensure we make sustainable choices at an environmental, social and economic level.

The following tips are ways that you can commit to:

  • Developing sustainable communities
  • Saving on your energy bill
  • Extending the lifetime of your equipment.

Energy Saving Tips

1. Turn lights off if you are the last person to leave a meeting room or when you leave your office for lunch.

2. Put your computer to sleep when leaving your desk for more than 15 minutes, or turn off the monitor.

3. Dress appropriate for the weather. In the summer wear loose-fitting clothing to keep cool and bring a sweater in the winter to keep warm. Cooling and Heating systems consume large amounts of energy in large buildings; don’t be the person who turns the AC on high while wearing a sweater in the middle of summer.

4. Take advantage of the sun, it is free after all. Energy efficient skylights and windows bring in natural light, allowing lights to be turned off. Not only is natural light free, but people are generally happier in a naturally lit building. Happy people work harder and spend more.

5. Use energy-efficient windows. Windows let more than just light in, older single pane windows also let in, and out, heat. New energy efficient windows keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer.

6. Use Energy Management Software. If a problem goes unnoticed, how can it be fixed? Energy management software points out large energy leaks in a building; from there it is as simple as plugging the leaks.

7. Know your incoming voltage. Many buildings have power quality issues, causing equipment to run inefficiently, which can result in energy waste. A poor power factor or voltage on the high side of 120 volts needs to be fixed.

8. Think ROI. Energy efficiency retrofits with a payback period of 5 years or less should be a no brainer.

9. Be aware of all energy retrofit incentive programs. Your utility and the government have a number of incentive programs available to help reduce the initial capital cost of an energy efficiency retrofit. Passing up on incentive funding is like saying no to free money.

10. Brag a bit. If you have helped to create an energy efficient building, tell people about it with pride. But there is a catch, when people ask how you saved so much energy, you have to tell them–no secrets allowed.

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