Smart Grids Explained

Out of the past and into the future! Check out today’s post to learn more about smart grids for our electricity needs!

The Future of the Power Grid

Discover exciting new ways to think about the power grid and how they may affect the way that the world generates and consumes energy. On Monday we shared an infographic that explained the life cycle of the power grid. Details concerning how electricity is currently generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed were all covered, as well the evolution of the grid … Read More

2010 CleanTech Investment Trends

Last month CleanTech released it’s CleanTech Investment Monitor 1Q 2010 Report. CleanTech’s Investment Monitor is a  quarterly report on cleantech investment trends. Last month’s report highlights the growth of cleantech markets, particularly in energy efficiency. Some of the report’s key findings: “VC funding continues to bounce back led by North America.” Global cleantech venture investment for the first quarter of … Read More

Utilities’ Role in Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption

Commercial energy efficiency measures generally gain wide-spread adoption through utilities — either with their use of the technology or with their approval. But how do utilities filter through all of the products and options available to decide on what energy efficiency measures to support? What do utility managers want to see when they’re considering new technologies? In our experience at … Read More

Legend Power Builds Sales Momentum For Its Smart Grid Technology

Note: This article was originally published in Green Technology Report. By Jonathan T. Orr | Full Article Friday, May 14,  2010 When Green Technology Report last talked to Gerry Gill CEO of Legend Power (TSX.V: LPS, FSE: XLE) he spoke confidently not only of the good their proprietary smart grid technology can do for the environment by enabling commercial … Read More

4 Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day and people around the world are promoting environmental awareness and encouraging community action. According to the Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest secular civic event in the world. Here are 4 reasons why you should celebrate Earth Day: The Clean Energy Revolution is Coming Obama’s … Read More

Smart Meters’ Missed Opportunities

Do you associate smart meters with higher energy bills? Would you if you were charged more for energy during peak hours? A Wall Street Journal article written by Rebecca Smith, entitled “What Utilities Have Learned From Smart-Meter Tests…”, explores the opportunities that smart meters are missing out on. Smith says that because smart meters send readings on electricity usage to … Read More

How Dr. Dunford Sees Legend Power’s Technology Fitting into the Smart Grid

Dr. William Dunford is Legend Power’s Chief Technology Officer and developer of the automatic voltage regulator and an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering & Power Electronics at UBC. Dr. Dunford has a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Imperial College, London and a PhD from the University of Toronto. He has also been a faculty member at both institutions. Dr. … Read More