Sustainability and the Year Ahead

Welcome to 2016: A year in which sustainability initiatives go hand in hand with our business strategies. 2015 saw great progress in terms of the environment and global sustainability efforts, especially in terms of the business world. RE100 acquired numerous new members, many of whom are internationally recognized brands. Then, just last month, great steps were taken at COP21, leading to … Read More

Year-End Energy Saving Tips

Avoid wasting energy this holiday season and into the New Year with Legend Power Systems’ year-end tips. The holiday season is a time of spending. There’s the spending of money, the spending of time, and the spending of something not quite as obvious, electricity. As it is often tradition for power-consuming decorations to adorn our homes and offices, and for many events and … Read More

Legend Power Systems and Offtober

Celebrate and save! Join Legend Power Systems in observing BC Hydro’s Offtober. It’s that time of year again – BC Hydro’s Power Smart initiative, Offtober, is back! Each October, BC Hydro encourages the province of British Columbia, and beyond, to take a more active role in saving power and being aware of how we consume power and electricity. By offering tips … Read More

Key Benefits of the Harmonizer

Discover the key benefits of integrating the Harmonizer into your building. As an ultra efficient transformer that’s familiar, proven and stable, it’s no wonder that so many commercial and industrial building owners are incorporating the Harmonizer into their energy saving strategy. By taking advantage of the minimal downtime it takes to seamlessly integrate a Harmonizer into a building’s electrical environment, our … Read More

Projected Global Affects of Climate Change

An infographic detailing the places and people that are being increasingly affected by climate change and what must be done to stop it. As described in the below infographic by the World Bank, Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience, the dramatic change in our planet’s climate and weather patterns are being felt more and more all over the … Read More

How Green is Your Internet?

Have you ever thought of just how much energy you use when surfing the net? Check out today’s feature video to discover exactly how green the internet is!

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Understanding the basics of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are credits that companies and individuals can purchase in an effort to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are often sold by companies involved in the renewable energy industry, such as solar or wind, and are generally measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents (CO2e). Before You Buy Carbon Offsets While investing … Read More

World Energy Report (Infographic)

Discover how the United States measures up in terms of energy consumption compared to other areas of the world. Often it can be hard to comprehend how our everyday energy consumptions contribute to a collective national carbon footprint. However, as you can see in the below infographic, World Energy Report, our individual energy consumptions do add up. For example, in the … Read More

Sustainable Energy for All (Video)

Watch the Sustainable Energy for All video, get inspired, and learn how you can support universal sustainable energy. Earlier this week we shared an infographic that explained the three main objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All (SEFA) initiative. This program has been operational for the past four years, since UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon launched it in 2011. It was launched with the … Read More

Sustainable Energy for All (Infographic)

The World Bank explains a vision for sustainable energy for all. Made up of five different institutions, The World Bank is an organization that seeks to “end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.” While these are two of the group’s main goals, the organization is also interested in supporting and improving the state of energy consumption and efficiency … Read More