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Canada and GHG Emissions

Do you know where Canada stands on greenhouse gas emissions? Learn more about GHG emissions, electricity and Legend Power's green ideas...Read more

No More Coal Fired Power Plants for Ontario

Legend Power applauds Ontario’s step towards a cleaner environment. Although Ontario continues to struggle with energy rates, there have been a few victories for the province when it comes to the topic of...

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Smart Meters’ Missed Opportunities

Do you associate smart meters with higher energy bills? Would you if you were charged more for energy during peak hours? A Wall Street Journal article written by Rebecca Smith, entitled “What...

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Is Earth Hour the Best Way to Reduce Energy Consumption?

Last Saturday, March 27th was Earth Hour. At 8:30 pm countries around the world turned off their lights in celebration of energy conservation. Started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, Earth Hour is...

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Rising Energy Costs: 20 Year Projections

Electrical energy costs are rising. The chart below shows when the average energy costs in each state are predicted to reach 15 cents per kWh. Rates are calculated assuming a 5% annual...

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Victoria Kamsler from Greenfiniti On Monetizing Your Carbon Assets

Victoria Kamsler from Greenfiniti speaks on how you can access additional ROI by monetizing your carbon assets and create revenue streams through your commercial energy conservation efforts. She notes that energy efficiency...

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