Voltage Reduction Testing

Participate in IESO’s Voltage Reduction Testing and discover the opportunity of energy conservation. Every 18 months for over the past 20 years, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) performs voltage reduction tests of three and five percent within the province of Ontario. This is done in order to measure the load reduction that would occur if emergency steps needed to be taken of … Read More

Voltage Reduction and Energy Conservation

Reduce your building’s voltage consumption with Legend Power Systems and conserve energy. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) has been implemented by power facilities for many years in an effort to save energy. In the past, CVR was only used in instances when demand exceeded supply, reducing voltage to avoid widespread power outages. And yet, voltage reduction is an effective means of conserving energy, which … Read More

Projected Global Affects of Climate Change

An infographic detailing the places and people that are being increasingly affected by climate change and what must be done to stop it. As described in the below infographic by the World Bank, Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience, the dramatic change in our planet’s climate and weather patterns are being felt more and more all over the … Read More

Innovate With the Harmonizer

Achieve electrical innovation and use energy better with Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer. Innovation is often born out of need. The need to improve upon or optimize a technology or product that was itself created as a solution to a problem. Innovation enables great, trusted products to perform even better. For example, in the case of the transformer, an apparatus that can either … Read More

Use Energy Better With Legend Power Systems

Implement a risk free energy savings solution with Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer. Familiar. Proven. Stable. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when describing our energy savings solution, the Harmonizer. It is an ultra efficient transformer that dynamically selects a building’s optimal voltage tap in order to reduce unnecessary energy consumption, while still meeting your building’s requirements. … Read More

What Are Carbon Offsets?

Understanding the basics of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are credits that companies and individuals can purchase in an effort to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions. These credits are often sold by companies involved in the renewable energy industry, such as solar or wind, and are generally measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalents (CO2e). Before You Buy Carbon Offsets While investing … Read More

Top 5 Harmonizer Quick Facts

The top five most interesting and educational facts about the Harmonizer. The Harmonizer is Legend Power Systems’ energy conservation solution that helps commercial and industrial buildings save money, power and lower greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud to be able to offer a product that positively impacts the environment, and can offer our clients so many benefits. While the Harmonizer and its many … Read More

Turn Down the Heat Video Series

Why climate change matters and a 4-degree global temperature rise must be avoided. As part of the World Bank’s educational video library on YouTube, the Open Learning Campus, the below video comes from a series entitled, Turn Down the Heat. The video series, which seeks to educate the world on how climate change is affecting our planet and why the world should … Read More

Sustainable Energy for All (Infographic)

The World Bank explains a vision for sustainable energy for all. Made up of five different institutions, The World Bank is an organization that seeks to “end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity.” While these are two of the group’s main goals, the organization is also interested in supporting and improving the state of energy consumption and efficiency … Read More