Get to Know Legend Power Systems

Learn more about Legend Power Systems’ story and the evolution of our innovative technology, the Harmonizer. Legend Power Systems (LPS) is a pioneering energy conservation solution provider, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2001, LPS completed beta trials of the Harmonizer product in the mid 2000s. It was around this time, in 2005, that our company was a recipient at the Energy Efficiency … Read More

Legend to Participate in U.S. Market Partner Network

The Harmonizer launches into NYC marketplace with acceptance into Con Edison’s Energy Efficiency Market Partner Program. 2016 is off to a great start for our Harmonizer technology. With the recent acquisition of “Market Partner” status from Con Edison, Legend Power Systems (LPS) is poised to expand across the North Eastern and Mid-Atlantic territories of the United States throughout the upcoming year. It is … Read More

Sustainability and the Year Ahead

Welcome to 2016: A year in which sustainability initiatives go hand in hand with our business strategies. 2015 saw great progress in terms of the environment and global sustainability efforts, especially in terms of the business world. RE100 acquired numerous new members, many of whom are internationally recognized brands. Then, just last month, great steps were taken at COP21, leading to … Read More

Who Is Using the Harmonizer?

Discover the answer to this frequently asked question. In discussing Legend Power System’s technology with prospective customers, it is not unfair to assume that similar questions are typically presented to our sales team. As a fully transparent, publically traded Canadian company, Legend Power Systems (LPS) is proud to answer any and all of our prospective customer’s questions, and we make it a … Read More

Collegiate Adaptation of the Harmonizer

The Harmonizer provides post-secondary institutions the opportunity to save money and the environment. Since expanding into the post-secondary market earlier this year with OCAD University, Legend Power Systems (LPS) has provided multiple Ontario institutions with the capability to not only become more energy efficient, but also to significantly lower operating costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. As LPS expands its presence … Read More

Voltage Reduction Testing

Participate in IESO’s Voltage Reduction Testing and discover the opportunity of energy conservation. Every 18 months for over the past 20 years, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) performs voltage reduction tests of three and five percent within the province of Ontario. This is done in order to measure the load reduction that would occur if emergency steps needed to be taken of … Read More

Voltage Reduction and Energy Conservation

Reduce your building’s voltage consumption with Legend Power Systems and conserve energy. Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) has been implemented by power facilities for many years in an effort to save energy. In the past, CVR was only used in instances when demand exceeded supply, reducing voltage to avoid widespread power outages. And yet, voltage reduction is an effective means of conserving energy, which … Read More

Additional Benefits of the Harmonizer

Enjoy peace of mind along with the many other benefits of using energy better with the Harmonizer. With a long list of benefits, Legend Power Systems’ Harmonizer is an innovative technology that helps industrial and commercial building owners save money and the environment, with little to no maintenance. As many of the key benefits that the Harmonizer has to offer can be … Read More

Key Benefits of the Harmonizer

Discover the key benefits of integrating the Harmonizer into your building. As an ultra efficient transformer that’s familiar, proven and stable, it’s no wonder that so many commercial and industrial building owners are incorporating the Harmonizer into their energy saving strategy. By taking advantage of the minimal downtime it takes to seamlessly integrate a Harmonizer into a building’s electrical environment, our … Read More